Welcome to Omnium Lite RESTFUL API

Version 1.0

How to use the Omnium Lite API ?

To provide a high level of security and data privacy Omnium Lite API uses authentication within every single "request".
Each request URL is built in the following manner:
https://{$server}/api/{$request}?u={$user}&key={$apikey} As you are using Omnium Lite Cloud version you will have to replace {$server} with "omniumx.com".
Users of our serverversion have to use their own server/url address.
Please click on the relevant menu links on the left for more information on {$request}
{$user} and {$apikey} refer to the user account that creates the api key and the api key itself that is created.
Log into Omnium Lite and click "Connect App" to create a project and your own api key.
! Please be mindful to allow only authorised acess to your API key information.